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I've had good luck with the surefire app, both live and dry with some tweaking of sensitivity settings, but I also primarily use a dedicated shot timer for live practice and the app for dry fire in the garage. I tried the Surefire and a couple other freebie apps, none of them picked up shots well at all. I do still use the par function on the Surfire app for dryfire and presentations; better to drain the battery of my phone than the 9v in my Pocket Pro 2.


Get yourself a proper shot timer. Since adding a reliable and accurate shot timer to my shooting I've been reinvigorated to train. It confirmed exactly where I stand compared to other shooters times on common drills and standards. More importantly it has led to establishing goals and having the means to track my progress towards those goals.

Really loving my Pocket Pro 2. My surefire app was working well compared to real timers until I had to reset my phone and subsequently tried to re download it. It keeps saying it is no longer available. It's no longer available for the iPhone. Not sure about Android. It's not available for android either. I wonder why Surefire pulled the app. Am I allowed to wish that they're in the process of making a Surefire quality timer and they're simply priming the market? You know something that doesn't use freaking 9v batteries and drains in range bags or that doesn't break under moderate use?

Not all that suitable on the range except for when your battery dies five minutes into your session, but okay for dry fire at home. I've tried using my phone and it's fine for dry-fire drills set a par time , but for actual range use: I've got a CED timer, it has a rechargeable battery lasts a long time and doesn't run-down by itself in the range-bag, and I got a silicone cover for it so incase I drop it it hopefully won't break. I Can run it all day on a good charge, I can't do that with an Iphone it starts to get low on battery after only a few hours of constant use.

3 Best Android Apps for Shooters!

You have to manually calibrate it, then differentiate the echoes from the actual shots yourself or deal with poor shot registration. Splits is an excellent, fully-featured, easy-to-use shot timer program. For starters, it functions as a shot timer. It offers no automatic calibration, but a pair of sliders always accessible at the main screen provide you with access to those settings.

After you find setting you like, I recommend keeping a screenshot to remind yourself where you want them if you prefer different settings in dry-fire and live-fire. Particularly impressive with Splits is that it allows you to fire a string, then adjust the Shot Intensity Range and it will dynamically change the values in your string.

Awesome Surefire Shot Timer for Free!

Adjust the slider until you know only your gunfire is registering, and away you go. Very handy! But beyond functioning as a timer, Splits stands out in its ability to record data for you. You can create stages in the program and it will record your performance each time you shoot it, keeping a good log on basic stats like average split time, overall time, hits vs misses, and some other stuff. This is an outstanding feature to have included in a free app. For dry fire, Splits works well with the sensitivity turned all the way up.

I had minor issues indoors, but those were mostly related to trying to appropriately adjust the echo delay.

But it worked consistently, registered my shots, and was quite accurate. This screenshot is about as much functionality as I ever managed to get out of it. In addition to the basics of functioning as a timer, it also appeared to store information on past performance. Great stuff from the looks of it.

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Unfortunately, this is going to be a very short review as PSTL absolutely never worked for me properly. Whether in dry fire or live fire, it would miss shots — sometimes to a hilarious degree. In dry fire, it will come close to registering 50 percent of trigger pulls. With live fire, it averaged under 20 percent, regardless of conditions or settings.

Great Shot Timer App - Make Ready! - 6 by 6 Drill

I installed this on another phone and tried it with the same results — poor functionality. Also, worth noting is this is the only app I used that crashed during testing. After testing all three, Splits is the clear-cut winner here. Otherwise, in accuracy, features, and function, Splits reigns supreme. Compared to my actual shot timer, Splits is also easier to use in many ways. It has a far better interface and more record-keeping features. Is it as accurate? While multiple reproductions are already on the market, Traditions has put their name on a fine line of Italian-built I wondered if it would bring anything new to the defensive shotgun game?

After running one I have to say Account Dealers Customer Support.

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