Antywirus na windows phone 7.5

The code source kernel is controlled all the time, who add or not, particular about binary code who don't know about it like driver, this is most a problem for Linux.

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Antivirus can be the same class, if you use a no open source antivirus for all your linux machine. Keep your money and improve your security system. I understand fear of antivirus company but you can contribute and ameliorate the world on an open source project! It's not a microsoft system, for a part of proposition, maybe it's just money for antivirus company, I understand that is a lot of money this Linux market. Normal to try it Personally, today when I hear install antivirus on all Linux server, I want to run away far of this company A lot of company unhappily configure their Linux in minimal no firewall, no patch, nothing!!!

It's x better than an antivirus in reality! You can take an insurrance too it's the same thing to sleep well and the performance of your Linux server will be best than an antivirus, do it if you want ;. Good questions: Do you have SELinux in enforce mode? Do you have iptable with a good configuration?

Do you use sudo? Do you use another account that root avoir l'uid 0? Do you use an ssh key?

Download Antivirus for Windows Phone

A password with complexity and very long really? Don't imagine Linux like the others OS. On linux, the Antivirus scan such choosen specific repertories not the memory like ClamAV. It's already exist in open source without proprietary software. You have rootkit etc and a patching regular to avoid security problem. Antivirus have to stay a question one by one, don't generalize it! An antivirus doesn't be add it without any reflexion, because it upgrades risk if it is not necessary.

There is a risk itself because source code is not available, because it runs with root, it increases attack surface, it increases load of the server for nothing the most of time. It's more a problem than a solution. Do you read security recommandations of Red Hat? Did it mention antivirus on all server?

Who said that? Linux Torvalds? Richard Stallman? Greg Kroah-Hartman? Do you hear antivirus on UNIX seriously on all machine? The only reason is money and maybe loose confidentiality because all your machine should be have an antivirus?

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Do I respect the best practice in security? Red Hat has a security guide https: Does Red Hat provide any-virus protection software? Resolution Red Hat does not provide anti-virus software.

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  5. There are also some good security practices to follow to make sure a system is safe: Keep a system updated so all patches and security updates are installed. Run a local firewall on the system, such as iptables , to block any unused ports. Do not login as the root user unless needed. Use sudo and log in as a non-root user. Do not execute any untrusted code on the system, especially as the root user.

    The following guides give detailed information on configuring a particular version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux from a security point of view: Thus, for example, a samba server serving files to Windows clients could have the anti-virus running on the samba server scanning these files One example of such an anti-virus is ClamAV.

    Antywirus na windows phone 7.5

    Clam AntiVirus is available from http: Log in to comment. JB Newbie 7 points. Jim Beasley. I've added a note about Clamav ability to do this..

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    antywirus na windows

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