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Turn on Screen Mirroring on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Share Your Phone's Screen to the TV

Plug the charger into the dedicated port on the HDTV adapter. You can now start viewing your phone's display on your TV screen. Method 2. This device will allow you to mirror your Galaxy Phone's screen onto your TV screen - through a wireless connection. You can purchase this device online or in a technical store.

Alternatively if you have a Samsung Smart TV, you don't need a third party device. Set up your All Share Cast Hub device. Whether you are using the Hub or the Blue Ray player, you will need to connect it to the television. The Blue Ray should have a compatible cable included.

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Once your device is connected, follow the instructions in its manual to connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Navigate to your Galaxy's settings. The icon resembles a gear, tap on it to open. Mirror the screen to the television. Tap on Connections, then Screen Mirroring. A list of devices should appear on the list. Choose the device you want to use the Blue Ray player or the Hub.

Your screen should automatically appear on the TV screen. Yes, the sound will come out of the TV, even though the phone is the device streaming the media. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 0. Unanswered Questions.

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Can I connect my phone, tablet and TV together using a chrome cast device? If so, how? Answer this question Flag as Flag as What do I do if I followed the steps, but the TV says it's retrieving the data and then displays no signal? Is there another name for "screen mirroring? Yes No I need help A hardware issue can range from damage being doe to the external or internal parts of your device. Try to uninstall AllShare from your device and restart the whole process.

Even if it does detect it, it may not transfer properly. In order to ensure the screen mirroring will transfer properly you will need to purchase the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub. This hub will act as an antenna to transfer the wireless video to the TV. Just simply plug it in and power it on. Your phone should now detect the TV as an available device and transfer properly. Yes No I need help What if the device is not being detected?

If the phone is not being detected when you scan for available share from phone to TV. You can simply power cycle the television or the phone itself. Once you power cycle the whole devices, power them back and do the same steps on how you tried to sync the phone with all share. Make sure also that the devices are connected to the same router or WiFi internet at home to easily connect them to all share or pushing the images to mirror on your big screen.

Yes No I need help Normally, restarting your devices can help you refresh the system and connections as well. I believe that you are referring to the screen timeout option which is on your device. You can change up the timeout by performing the following steps below:. I have Chromecast and it works fine. I guess I'd have to buy a dongle if I wanted to mirror to TV? Yes No I need help It is possible that your TV does not have the said feature because you have said that it is a bit outdated. You could try and buy a dongle for it but ask them if it is compatible for your TV and phone before buying it.

Hi, I dropped my phone today and the screen is dead. Wondering if there is any way to get the SMS of it. Other software won't work without debugging enabled, or installing an app on the phone, which I obviously can't do. This section is not written yet. Want to join in?

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Questions and Answers on Mirroring the Galaxy S3. Make sure your TV, laptop, or whatever device you'll be mirroring with, is powered on.

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From your home screen, tap the "Apps" icon. While on the Apps screen, tap "Settings". Inside Settings tap on the "Connection' tab, followed by "Screen mirroring". Once inside Screen mirroring, your phone will scan for any available mirroring enabled devices.

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  • Be sure to power on the device you'll be mirroring your S3's screen with first. On the home screen, tap the "Apps" icon. Inside Apps, tap the "Settings" icon. Once in Settings, scroll down and tap "Screen mirroring". Your phone will automatically begin scanning for any compatible devices to screen mirror with. On your phone, go to the notification bar. Now your Phone will automatically look for available devices. When it detects your television, the S3 will automatically connect to it.

    Once connected, your mobile screen will show on your television. You don't need a Samsung TV to connect. To connect with the Samsung AllShare Hub , purchase the component, install it, and follow the steps provided earlier in this guide. To try other methods of connecting, or to view a more comprehensive guide on the topic, reference our guide on wireless screen mirroring.

    If your television is not wireless enabled, you can purchase a wireless adapter online, or in any local electronics shop. We recommend purchasing the Netgear PTV to connect your devices.