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Select number of plans:. Buy Protection. A deductible applies to all claims. Protect any phone, any carrier, old or new. The smarter the phone, the harder the fall.

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Plus, we can save you hundreds. Maximum Monthly Premium. Thought I was out of luck.

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Upgrade phones? This is a little bit older but Im replying for anyone who may come across this.

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  • Cell Phone Insurance Plans Compared: What's Worth It?.
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I currently have Geek Squad Protection on my iPhone which has come in handy since I have had mechanical issues with my phone multiple time however I wonder if it is just the refurbished phones that come from GeekSquad City that are continuing to fail. I pay Best Buy Repair Support. Cell phone insurance plan.

I bought a cell phone and paid for it in full. My girlfriend then purchased the insurance plan for me a couple days later, as she is big on these plans.

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Low and behold a week or so later I dropped the phone and cracked the screen. I went to file a claim and have it replaced. This was not explained when the phone was purchased or when the plan was purchased. Right now I would rather get our money back for the insurance which is practically useless, and walk away from Best Buy forever. I feel as though we were mislead, and their protection plan is merely a scam on the consumers.

Message 1 of 9 17, Views. When signing up for the protection plan you should have gotten terms and conditions either paper or email, based on the preferences selected. But the terms and conditions do state there is a deductible for incidents just like how some other carriers charge deductibles for theirs. A mod will be by to offer assistance on how to cancel your plan. Message 2 of 9 17, Views.

The smartest way to protect your phone.

I did not get anything in writing. I feel this is a scam. No one ever told me the deductible would be that high.